Mean Girls Broadway Review! So Fetch! But leave the 12 year olds at home!

Oh to be the “Cool Mom” that’s what I inspire to be most days!  I have a confession to make… I might have jumped the gun last night bringing my 12 year old to see Mean Girls on Broadway!

Many of you know Ava, she is very mature and yes we have had “the talk”.  She was super excited to go and see the show last night… I was too. Although, I have not let her see the movie yet.  The rating on the show said 12 and up, so I thought I was safe!

Don’t get me wrong!  The show was Hilarious!  A perfect night out with your adult girlfriends or even older daughters! Just a warning that: It is extremely sexual, more so than the movie.  There are some cuss words (that I don’t mind).  It was the talk of “blowing and fingering” that had me want to fall onto the floor, and then the humping inside the tiger was the icing on the cake for me.

The story sticks to the script, of the original film: After moving from Kenya with her parents, Cady Heron leaves the safety of a home-schooled environment for the hormonal jungle of North Shore High School outside Chicago. There she’s adopted by two groups of friends on the opposite ends of the social spectrum.  This means, of course, that Cady has an important decision to make.

I have never in my life seen a set as cool as this!  The set is a massive wall of digital screens, which display an ever-changing array of backgrounds — the surroundings can switch from a classroom to Regina’s bedroom to the mall to the golden plains of Kenya almost instantaneously, allowing for seamless transitions between scenes.  I was literally mesmerized by those screens!  That was good for Ava to see as she is taking a Digital Art class in school and loving it!

I also LOVE Tina Fey and her name was all over this.  The lead, Erika Henningsen, who plays Cady, reminded me a lot of Tina.  I am currently listening to Tina’s Book, “Bossy Pants” and could actually “hear” her saying a lot of the lines.

In the end,  there was a good message: Girls should support each other instead of trying to tear each other down. Girls shouldn’t send nude pics and boys shouldn’t ask for them. Girls should be themselves.

There was a lot of conversation on the way home to say the least!

Disclaimer:  So sorry if you don’t agree with me.  This is my opinion of the show.  I would have enjoyed it a lot more with my girlfriends!  So definitely, go see it!  It is great!  In my opinion, I would leave girls 17 and under at home for this one.

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